Privatization and PPP

Reconstruction of 750 kV High Voltage Power Transmission Line (2007-2011)structuring public private partnership between private investor and the state (transmission system operator), preparing joint activity agreement, advice on legal and regulatory aspects, project implementation and procurement support, coordination of land allocation and permitting.

Reconstruction of Hydro Power Plants in the Western Ukraine (2007-2008)structuring public private partnership between private investor and the state-controlled power company, establishing joint venture, advice on legal and regulatory issues, risk assessment and mitigation.

Ukraine Power Sector Property Reform Project (2008)–development of the strategy of privatization in power sector and action plan for 10 years, advice on investment barriers and risks in the process of privatizing thermal power generating companies (project performed jointly with Ficthner).

Preparation of the Concept of Privatization of the Ukrainian Power Companies (2007)review of possible options and instruments for privatization of power generating and distribution companies, preparation of the concept, coordination of its review by the state agencies (contract with the Ministry of Economy).

Promotion of the Public Private Partnerships (2007)review of international experience of PPPs in energy and infrastructure sectors, analysis of the Ukrainian previous experience and specifics, preparation of the Draft Law, coordination with the state agencies and IFIs (contract with the Ministry of Economy).

Preparation of the Strategy of Privatization of Ukrainian Cogeneration Plants (2002-2004)–review of operations of cogeneration plants, analysis of regulatory framework and tariff setting system, assessment of investment needs, preparation of recommendations on privatization options and investment schemes.

Analysis of Privatization Opportunities in Power Generation Sector (2003-2004) – comprehensive analysis and valuation of power generating companies, review of the Wholesale Electricity Market operations.

Ukraine Energy Privatization Support Project – (1999-2003) – development of the privatization strategy for power distribution and generating companies, economic, financial and technical due diligence of power distribution companies, analysis of the regulatory framework and tariff setting system, preparation of the investment memorandums, developing debt restructuring strategy, support to the State Property Fund in holding privatization tenders and negotiations with potential bidders (project performed jointly with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Emerging Markets Group).

Strategic Issues on the Energy Sector Relating to Privatization of Thermal Power Generation Assets in Ukraine (2002) technical and economic due diligence of four largest thermal power generating companies, preparation of economic valuation model, analysis of various restructuring options, development of recommendations on pre-privatization preparation.

Preparation of Energy Section for the State Privatization Program for 2003-2008 (2002)advice to the State Property Fund and the Ministry of Fuel and Energy on specifics of privatization of power and coal companies, drafting relevant sections of the Program, participation in working groups.

Synergy Project “Co-operation with Ukrainian Utilities” (1999)advice on privatization issues, electricity market functioning, analysis of investment attractiveness of energy companies, preparation of financial recovery plan.