Market and sector studies

Ukraine Leasing Market Study (2013) – survey of leasing companies in Ukraine with focus on products related to energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for the EBRD in the framework of UKEEP program.

Ukraine Renewable Energy Financing Survey (2013) – interviews with renewable developers and international financial institutions working in Ukraine to prepare survey of the current practices for renewable project financing for the Austrian Development Bank.

Ukraine Wind Farm Market Study (2012, 2011) – review of legal and regulatory framework for development, construction and operations of wind power plants, explanation of permitting and licensing process, review of major ongoing wind farm projects in Ukraine, assessment of risks and developing proposals for their mitigation.

Ukraine District Heating Market Study (2011) – review of legal and regulatory framework for operations of district heating companies and cogeneration plants in Ukraine with focus on tariff and licensing issues, identification and mitigation of risks.

Ukraine Electricity Export Study (2011, 2009) – review of cross border high voltage transmission lines connecting the Ukrainian power system with the ENTSO-E system, analysis of power generating sources able to work for export, review of possible options for expansion of electricity export from Ukraine.

Ukraine Energy Sector Study (2011, 2008) – preparation of the comprehensive study covering electricity, coal and gas sectors, compilation of detailed database with information on power and coal companies (up to the unit level), load/demand forecast until 2020, review of ongoing and planned investment projects, assessment of market and regulatory developments.

Ukraine Renewable Energy Market Study (2010, 2009) – review of legal and regulatory framework for development, construction and operation of renewable energy plants in Ukraine (with focus on wind power plants), assessment of existing projects, advice on major risks and their mitigation.

Ukraine Renewable Energy Development Framework: Project Pipeline Preparation (2009) – review of legal and regulatory framework for construction and operation of renewable energy sources in Ukraine (construction permits, grid connection, licensing, tariff setting), integrity check of the Ukrainian project developers and investors applying for the EBRD financing (project performed together with Fichtner).

Assessment of Crisis Impact on the Energy Sector in Ukraine (2009-2010) – collection of data and analysis of trends in the energy sector before and after the financial crisis, review of energy sector and market reform process.

Thermal Power Plants – Rehabilitation and Efficiency Improvements – Component I: Market and Investment Needs Study (2008-2009) – preparation of the detailed database of the Ukrainian power plants with capacity of more than 100 MW, assessment of investment and rehabilitation programs of power generating companies, review of the Ukrainian producers of energy equipment (project performed jointly contract with AF Consult).

Ukraine Electricity Market Study (2008) – review of legal and regulatory framework in power sector and specifics of the Wholesale Electricity Market, preparation of the detailed database with information on power plants, energy balances, tariffs, etc., assessment of possible acquisition targets.

Support of Ukraine’s Progressive Participation in the Electricity Trans-European Networks (2008) – identification of conditions to be fulfilled by Ukraine for integration to the EU electricity internal market, advice on legal and institutional issues, preparing strategy for the synchronization of the Ukrainian power system with the UCTE, preparing plan for the promotion of investments for improvement of electricity system infrastructure (project performed jointly with CESI).

Thermal Power Stations Rehabilitation: Assessment of Needs, Costs and Benefits (2007-2008) – assessment of investment risks and barriers in the power sector of Ukraine, review of various technical reconstruction and rehabilitation options for thermal power plants, development of the strategy for rehabilitation of thermal power generating companies.

Ukrainian Power Sector Development Study until 2016 (2006-2007) analysis and forecast of development of the Ukrainian power sector, forecast of electricity supply and demand, review of investment programs and needs in the areas of power generation, transmission and distribution (contract with the Ministry of Fuel and Energy).

ENCOURAGED: Optimization of European Energy Corridors – Electricity, Gas and Hydrogen (2004-2006) analysis and forecast of development of Ukraine’s electricity and gas transmission infrastructure until 2030 (project performed under the leadership of Energy Center of Netherlands).

Priority Action Plan on Integration of the IPS of Ukraine into the UCTE (2005) – development of the conceptual provisions and plan of actions, assessment of timeline and required financing.

Development of the Model for Forecast of Prices in Energy Sector of Ukraine (2004) development of the model, analysis of the factors affecting electricity prices and tariffs, assessment of their impact on Energoatom’s tariff in the long term perspective.

Preparation of the Program on Expansion of Electricity Export from Ukraine (1999) – analysis of preconditions for parallel operation of Ukraine’s energy system with the UCTE, review of existing power generating capacities and transmission infrastructure, preparation of the comprehensive development program.