Market and regulatory advice

USAID Mid-Term Evaluation of Municipal Heating Reform Program (2012) – comprehensive review of the project’s work progress and results, assessment of effective market and regulatory framework in the area of district heating and municipal services, interviewing program stakeholders (regulatory authorities, municipalities, utility companies) in various regions of Ukraine (project performed jointly with IBTCI).

Implementation of the Acquis Communautaire within the Framework of Fulfillment of Commitments during Process of Ukraine’s Joining the Energy Community Treaty (2010-ongoing) – harmonization of the Ukrainian energy legislation with EU Directives and Regulations to support implementation of Ukraine’s commitments undertaken when joining the Energy Community Treaty (contract with the Ministry of Fuel and Energy, project performed jointly with AF Mercados EMI and Pierce Atwood).

Development of Legislative Acts in the Field of Regulation of Power Sector Infrastructure Facilities Construction (2011-ongoing)improvement of the Ukrainian procedures and legal framework related to construction of new power objects (power plants, transmission infrastructure) in line with the European best practice (contract with the Ministry of Fuel and Energy, project performed jointly with KPMG Energy & Utilities).

Development of Legal and Normative Documents for Approximation of the Ukrainian Legislation in Compliance with the EU Directives 2005/89/EC and 2004/67/EC (2009-2010) – harmonization of the Ukrainian legal and regulatory framework with the EU Directives related to security of supply (contract with the Ministry of Fuel and Energy).

Assistance to Ukraine in Carrying Out the Energy Policy Analysis and in Promoting the Idea of Joining the Energy Community Treaty (2008-2009) – preparation of report on key features of the Energy Community Treaty for the Ministry of Fuel and Energy, assessment of advantages for Ukraine from joining the Treaty, analyzing major Ukraine’s energy policy and strategy documents and their compliance with the EU energy policy and Acquis Communitaire (project performed jointly with Kantor).

EBRD Regional Energy Sector Assessment (2009) – review of legal, market and regulatory framework in Ukraine with focus on power sector, gas sector and renewable energy sources (contract with AF Mercados EMI).

Readiness Assessment of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources of Energy in Ukraine, in View of Budget Support (2008) – analysis of the Government’s policy and strategy in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, preparing the EU Budget Support Program.

Independent Audit of the Wholesale Electricity Market (2008-2009, 2005-2007) – monthly audit of the WEM settlement and payment system, inspection of the dispatch process, verification of compliance of the WEM Operator’s and TSO’s actions with the WEM rules and the NERC regulations (project performed jointly with UPK Audit).

Analysis of Possibility of Electricity Transmission via Ukraine’s Territory (2007)advice on legal and regulatory issues, analysis of various schemes enabling electricity transmission via Ukraine’s territory, preparing respective contracts and amendments to laws and regulations.

Development of the ToR for the NERC Twinning Project (2006) – development of the ToR for the project “Strengthening of the Administrative and Legal Framework in the Field of Energy Regulation in Ukraine” financed by the European Commission (project performed jointly with Altair Asesores).

Advice on Regulatory and Tariff Framework for Construction of Tashlyk Hydro Pumped Storage Station (2005-2006) – preparation of the tariff methodology for hydro pumped storage plant, advice on regulatory framework and interaction with the Wholesale Electricity Market, preparation of the tariff application to the NERC.

TACIS Project “Support and Strengthen the Energy Market Reform and Assessment of the Energy Sector Sustainability” (2003-2005)institutional support to the Ministry of Fuel and Energy and National Electricity Regulatory Commission, advice on economic, financial and legal aspects of electricity and gas markets, advice on tariff setting issues; analysis of the system of technical standards in energy sector (project performed jointly with EGIS BCEOM).

Regulation of Investments in Utilities: Concepts and Applications (2004)preparing case study on regulation of power distribution sector in Ukraine for the report prepared by Ian Alexander and Clive Harris for the World Bank.

Development of the Concept of Decommissioning of Ukrainian Nuclear Power Stations (2004) preparing the Concept, drafting normative and legal documents, writing procedure for creation of the special fund for decommissioning of nuclear units (project performed jointly with the State Scientific Engineering Centre of the Control Systems and Emergency Reaction).

Advice on Energy Market Regulatory and Legal Framework (2003-2004) – advice to private Ukrainian energy company on the legal and regulatory framework of the Wholesale Electricity Market operations.

Development of the Concept and Mechanism of Introduction of Electricity Derivatives (2002-2003) – development of the concept and relevant normative documents for organizing electricity exchange trading using derivatives, holding public education campaign and seminars for energy market participants and state agencies (project performed jointly with the Ukrainian International Currency Exchange).

Preparation of the Wholesale Electricity Market Reform and Development Concept (2002) drafting several sections of the Concept in the framework of the Government Interagency Working Group chaired by NERC.

Preparation of the National Energy Strategy until 2030 (2002-2003) – preparation of the section “Improvement of normative and legal framework of development and functioning of the energy sector”.