Feasibility studies

Construction of Kahovka Hydro Power Plant-2 (2011-ongoing) – preparation of the feasibility study for construction of new hydropower plant by Ukrhydroenergo, preparing financial model (project performed jointly with Fichtner).

Construction of 1,000 MW Kanev Hydro Pumped Storage Power Plant (2013) – review of the feasibility study prepared by design institute, preparation of the information memorandum for submission to potential lenders.

Construction of Feodosia CHP (2013, 2010-2011) – preparation of the business plan, financial model and feasibility study for construction of 40 MW power plant in Crimea.

Construction of the Back-to-Back Station on Connection with the UCTE System (2011, 2008, 2006, 2001, 1998) – preparation of pre-feasibility study and financial model of the project, advice on legal, regulatory and institutional aspects of the project implementation.

Construction of the 3rd Unit at Kyiv CHP-6 (2009) – preparation of the feasibility study to assess possible options for completing the construction project under different scenarios of electricity market development.

Reconstruction of Severodonetsk CHP (2009) – preparation of the feasibility study for the plant’s reconstruction and investment memorandum, analysis of regulatory and commercial aspects.

Recovery of 750 kV High Voltage Transmission Line (2007-2009) – preparation of the feasibility study for recovery of HVL from South Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant to the substation Isaccea in Romania, developing financial model, assessment of possible electricity off-take options.

Construction of 700 MW Combined Heat Power Plant in Crimea (2007) – preparation of the feasibility study and environmental impact assessment of the “green field” project, support of negotiations with the Government and regulatory authorities.

Construction of Dniester Hydro Pumped Storage Station (2006-2007) – updating feasibility study of the project for the World Bank, advice on technical, economic, market, legal and regulatory aspects.

Construction of 128 MW Unit at Slavyansk TPP (2006) – independent review of the feasibility study of the project (contract with Donbasenergo power generating company); advice on different legal project implementation schemes (contract with Contour Global).

Reconstruction of Kharkiv Combined Heat Power Plant No.5 (2005) – preparation of complete feasibility study of the project, environmental impact assessment and investment memorandum (contract with OJSC Kharkiv CHP-5).

Reconstruction of Mironovka Thermal Power Plant (2005) – preparation of the feasibility study for the plant’s reconstruction project (contract with Donetskoblenergo power distribution company).

Reconstruction of Chernigiv Combined Heat Power Plant (2004) – independent technical and economic review of the proposed investment project on rehabilitation and modernization of the plant in the course of the tariff application’s review.

Reconstruction of Burshtyn Thermal Power Plant (2004, 2002, 1998) – review of the proposed design solutions for the project on reconstruction of the Burshtyn TPP in the scope of feasibility study (contracts with European Energy Companies).

Construction of Dobrotvir Thermal Power Plant No. 2 (2000) – independent review of the investment project implemented by Zakhidenergo power generating company (contract with the the European investor).

Construction of Kaniv Hydro Pumped Storage Station (2000) – preparation of the pre-feasibility study for construction of Kanev HPSS, preparation of financial model (contract with Dniprohydroenergo).