Corporate and financial restructruing

I. Institutional Support and Corporate Development

Corporate Development Support to NEC Ukrenergo (2010-2011) – support in corporatization and reorganization of the Ukrainian transmission system operator, preparing recommendations on optimization of internal structure and operations, review of tariff setting process, preparing financial model, drafting corporatization road map and respective Draft Law (project performed jointly with AF Mercados EMI).

Corporate Development Support to Small Hydro Developer (2010-2011) – support to the start-up small hydro developer in designing corporate structure and functions with account of the best international practice.

Corporate Development Strategy for UkrEcoComResources (2005) – preparation of the corporate development strategy for the largest Ukrainian state-owned waste treatment company, developing proposals for creation of the state regulatory framework in the area of waste treatment.

Corporate Development and Financial Restructuring of Donbassenergo Power Generating Company (2002-2004)comprehensive due diligence of operations and assets, preparation of corporate development and financial restructuring plan, support in its review and approval by the state agencies, advice on debt restructuring options and mechanisms.

Institutional Support to National Nuclear Utility Energoatom (2002-2003) – due diligence of Energoatom’s operations and assets, preparation of economic valuation model, assessment of various corporate restructuring options, development of the corporate development plan (project performed jointly with British Energy International NNC).

Creation of the Holding Structure on the Basis of Several Coal Enterprises (2002) advice to the Ukrainian state owned coal mining company on economic and legal issues during reorganization process.

Restructuring and Corporatization of Several CHP Plants (2000-2001) – inventory of assets of several combined heat power plants in Crimea, preparation of the corporatization and restructuring program, support in its implementation.

II. Financial and Debt Restructuring

Advice on Debt Restructuring Options and Mechanisms (2005-2006) – support to Naftogas of Ukraine with implementation of the provisions of the Debt Law, advice on practical aspects of debt restructuring and settlement options, drafting legal and normative documents.

Institutional Support to the Energy Debt Settlement Centre (2005-2006) – creation and institutional support of the key infrastructure element (established on the basis of the State Enterprise Energorynok) for debt offset, repayment and restructuring transactions in the fuel and energy sector.

Preparation of the Draft Law “On Actions Aimed at Securing Stable Operations of Fuel and Energy Sector Enterprises” (2003-2005) – preparation of the Draft Law (approved by the Parliament in June 2005 and known as the Debt Law) and full set of supporting normative documents, performing economic impact analysis, organization of public discussions on behalf of the Parliament’s Committee on Fuel and Energy Sector and the Wholesale Electricity Market Board.

Preparation of the Comprehensive Financial Recovery Plan for the Fuel and Energy Sector (2004-2005) – preparation of the plan (approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in May 2005) covering electricity, coal, oil and gas, municipal sectors, coordination of the plan review and approval process with the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Fuel and Energy, Ministry of Finance and the World Bank.

TACIS Project “Conversion of Accounts of Power Generating Companies in Ukraine” (1998) – advice on financial and economic aspects of the operations of power generating companies, organization of seminars and trainings for the staff of energy companies on financial management and restructuring.